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Our decorative cushions are unique in the world for several reasons. Traditionally, crocheting is used in clothing, tablecloth, napkins. The technique of using crochet simultaneously as adornment and art, sewn onto the fabric, is our new approach. We use natural, child-friendly fabrics ( mostly pure linen from the oldest factory in Europe) and yarns that are high quality, soft to touch and safe to wash. Last but not least, the product is hand-made and therefore no two pillows can ever be the same.


I, Joanna Kociuba, graduated with a Master's Degree in History of Art at the prestigious Catholic University in Lublin, Poland. Since the early ages of 7 years old, I have been knitting and crocheting, taught by my own grandma, and began by making clothing for dolls for myself and my friends. This eventually led to making clothes for myself and later on for my daughter, who loved wearing every item I produced. 


I now extremely enjoy this great experience of bringing back my childhood in these creations. Drawing them, trying to make the initial pattern, playing with colours and then finally seeing the finished product. 


All  cushions can be personalised and are a perfect gift for christening, birthdays, Christmas and a great addition to existing nurseries or children’s bedrooms. 

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